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Bikini Cookies

I used a bustier cutter to start.... cut out the shape on your favourite chilled cookie dough
I modified the shape with an Xacto knife and round cutter
Once baked and cooled, outline your bikini using an edible marker.
Using flood consistency royal icing (I used Wilton Ivory), outline and fill in the flesh portion of the cookie. Allow cookie to dry at least 3 hours before moving to the next step
Airbrush the outer edges of the "skin" for the tanned effect. I used Americolor Warm Brown
This is the effect you are going for!
Using flood consistency royal icing, outline and flood the bikini (I used Wilton Sky Blue). I added white polka dots immediately (wet on wet effect)
Use a medium consistency royal icing (Wilton Ivory) to pipe on a belly button... allow to dry overnight before handling and packaging!

Have a safe and happy summer everyone!!! -- Mary