Emma's Sweets

  Edible Art

Pricing and Features 

All pricing is custom.  Several variables are taken into consideration when pricing is quoted.  Size of cookie, complexity and detail of designs,  the amount of colours used, multiple designs and time involved to create each individual hand made work of art!

Simple - starts at  $4.00 per cookie.. Size is 2 1/2" - 3"

Standard - starts at  $5.00 per cookie.  Size is 3"- 3 1/2"

Detailed - starts at  $6.00 per cookie.  Size is 3 1/2"-4" 

Elaborate/hand painted - starts at  $8.00 per cookie.  Size is 3 1/2- 5"

Paint-your-own cookies - $7.00 per cookie.  Approximately 5".  Price includes clear cello package, ribbon and paint brush.

Included in pricing:  each cookie is individually packaged in clear cello bags and heat sealed for freshness.  The cookies are then placed in a clear window box or basket for transportation.


EXTRAS:  satin ribbon can be added to each package for an additional .25 cents

Specialty packaging can be ordered.

FEATURES:  Homemade vanilla sugar cookies or chocolate sugar cookies, using 100% premium ingredients.


Cookie: Butter, sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla, lemon extract

Icing: Icing  sugar, meringue powder, vanilla, salt

Allergy Alert:

My cookies do not contain nuts however they are made on equipment that MAY come into contact with products containing nuts.  Or processed in facilities where nuts are present.